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Since 2022


About the Company

‘The Money Bin Resources Private Limited’ operates on a societal cause of environmental sustainability with the baseline mantra – “Adding value to the waste”

This proactive thought process of the eminent founders Shri. Mohan Babu & Shri. Arun Vignesh boomed with a logical spark that every waste becomes an inexhaustible source of nature’s reserve. This approach in totality intents for a colossal change in the way materials flow through the society every fraction of second, resulting in no waste.

Zero waste comprehends more than removing waste through reducing, reusing, and recycling thereby converging on restructuring & remodeling the production and distribution systems to reduce waste exorbitantly.

The Money Bin- Standpoints

  • 'Never throw anything “away” ……. Get paid for recycling’
  • Upcycling of wastes & production of thermal energy
  • Say Strong ‘Yes’ to “100% people with Zero% waste”
  • Segregating dry waste into 15+ categories
  • Creating livelihood for women self-help groups

Analysing the gap in upkeeping the environment, the founders are determined to create awareness among the public for segregating wastes by providing appropriate support to collect the sorted waste. This emphasis on the practical concept - “Recycle everything in your house and get paid for it” stands high and brings win-win for both society and the people.

Why Massive mobility to ‘The Money Bin’ today

With speedy population growth and urbanization, there is sequential rise in waste generation rates and the annual waste generation is likely to increase by 73% from 2020 levels to 3.88 billion tonnes in 2050. On comparison to the developed nations, the inhabitants of developing countries, exclusively the urban poor, are found to be more severely impacted by weakly managed waste.

Though awareness of managing waste is prevalent all over, the need for creating sustainable cities still remains a challenge for many developing areas. Real-time waste management is much expensive, encompassing 20%–50% of municipal budgets.

With all these waste management constraints of the public, the founders have come forward with a mission to clean up the society and upkeep the physical environment by ‘setting right things at the right place and at the right time’

This selfless and unconditional care for the society was the footing for the birth of “The Money Bin” in the year 2022 - where people are paid for loading their domestic wastes instead of throwing away.